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Don't fret, You are not the only person who has questions in regards to oysters and what the difference in our products are, etc. That is why we are here to answer these for you. If there are any question you have that we do not answer below, please let us know so we can include them!

What is I.Q.F.?


  • Individually Quick Frozen. This method uses extreme cold temperatures to freeze a product fast. This allows each individual piece to be frozen and makes it easier to work with. Also, this method preserves the quality and texture of the Oyster.

Why is I.Q.F. important?


  • Meat need to be frozen individually on the half-shell cryogenically at -109F, a process that preserves an oyster in its natural state.

  • Once the oysters are froen, they are misted with water to form a glaze of ice that prevents freezer burn.

  • When an I.Q.F. oyster is thawed and set beside a raw oyster on the haf shell, you cant tell the difference. Making it look and taste like Fresh raw oysters, but able to be stored for longer period.


How do I thaw I.Q.F. oysters?


  • Place the I.Q.F. oysters in a shalow pan, cover with cellophane and leave in refrigerator or cooler overnight.

  • They can be thawed in minutes by lining them in a shallow pan and running cool water under the shells. Tilt the pan slightly so the water runs off.

By allowing the water to touch the oyster meat, it would rinse off the natural oyster liquor, diminishing the flavor.


I have purchased fresh shucked oysters and dont intend on eating/cooking them all before the expiration. What can I do with the rest?


  • To re-pack and freeze Fresh Shucked Oysters, Pour the remaining unused oyster meat into a ziploc bag or plastic container and pour enough water over the top of the oysters to cover. Insert into the freezer. Oysters will be good for up to one year if kept frozen. * The water will help to keep the oysters from getting freezer burnt.

What is the difference between 72 Count & 144 Count I.Q.F.?


  • 72 Count I.Q.F.: Has 72 Oysters on the half shell that have been hand selected and are a larger oyster.

  • 144 Count I.Q.F.: Has 144 Oysters on the half shell tht have been hand selected and are a smaller oyster.

  • Both the 72 Count & 144 Count are packed into the same Size box, which is why the oyster size and quantity differ.


How long are I.Q.F. "Best if used by"?


I.Q.F. Oysters are good for TWO years from the Harvest Date. Exceptions apply to this such as, the oyster has remained frozen and has not been thawed or partially thawed.  Only valid if it has remained in a constant frozen state.

What is the difference between a "Standard" & "Select"?



What is the difference between a 100 Count Sack & Boat Sack?



Why does the Fresh Hand Shucked container state "Shell particles and pearls may be normally encountered in this prouct?



Why do I need to consult a physician if I am unsure of my risk to consume raw oyster meat?



I have heard not to eat oysters during months that end with an "R", Is this true?



How long are the oysters I purchased good to eat for?



Does Jeri's Seafood deliver or ship product?



What is the difference between a 1/2 gallon container and the gallon container for the Fresh Hand Shucked product?



How can I be sure that the oysters from Jeri's Seafood are safe?



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