Jeri's Seafood, Inc. Ben H. Nelson, President and Betty G. Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer is located in Smith Point, Chambers County Texas, at the conclusion of East Galveston, Galveston and Trinity Bays in the heart of Texas' Oyster Production. See our map

Incorporated in 1970 as an outgrowth of Ben and Jeri's Commercial Fishing, Shrimping and Oyster Production Business, Jeri's Seafood has grown into a major producer and processor of oysters during all times of the year. In addition to the public oyster reefs, private oyster leases allow Jeri's to maintain harvest and production of oysters all year 'round, summer and winter offering a supply of oysters to the public without interruption.

Jeri's produces oysters in the shell (shellstock), shucked in containers, shucked and frozen in "Pillow Packs" and containers.

Jeri's was the first oyster house in Texas to be fully refrigerated, from sack storage, through opening, processing and container and frozen storage.

Jeri's now has a "I.Q.F." (Individual Quick Freeze) line that can flash freeze oysters both shucked and on the half shell. This frozen product is stored in Jeri's Large Sub-Zero Freezers and can be shipped across country when supplies of fresh harvested oysters are tight and to those consumers who prefer the convenience of frozen oysters.